Possible Treatments of ED

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powerImpotence or erectile dysfunction is a frequent complaint among males of certain age. It is not only a physical inability to get and keep erections; it is a very disappointing disorder which causes stress and depressive states. Though erectile dysfunction is a very frustrating condition, it is well treated.
There is no remedy to cure this condition completely. ED is a life-long state which requires life-long treatment. Fortunately certain treatments are available for general use.
If you are a man looking for help you may have to choose from different options indicated to treat impotence. The three main possibilities to cope with this problem include: medication use, application of mechanical devices, surgery. Psychological therapy can also be very helpful especially for those who experience ED caused by emotional problems or depression.viagra
Medication use is the most effective method. This is the simplest and reliable treatment suitable practically for all males. Various medicines for oral use aim to help males in getting and sustaining erections.
Oral medicines are usually taken before having sex. The time of application may differ by different medicines. The time of action is also different. Some medicines work for 4-6 hours (Viagra), others a little bit longer (Levitra), and only one substance called Tadalafil (Cialis) works for more than 36 hours.
All these brand medicines have their generic alternatives which you can buy online.
coupleUsing oral medicines is considered to be an advanced and very safe treatment method as the success rates are high with practically no side effects. Healthy sexual performance, long time of sex and perfect results are guaranteed.
Still some men cannot opt for using medicines due to other health problems or serious allergic reactions to the substances which these medicines contain.
Some males may benefit from using mechanical devices which help to produce erections. They are called pumps or vacuum erection devices. This method of treatment is not dangerous for your health as it utilizes the mechanical power to make an erection to occur. Still the use of clumsy devices is not convenient and in some cases not as effective as the use of the medicines.
Surgery method implies having an artificial implant in your body helping you to get and maintain an erection. This sort of treatment may be a choice for males who have severe arterial cause of ED and for whom other treatments do not work.

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