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Scope of erectile dysfunction observed today in men of various ages is enormous. Increased sales of erectile drugs and their affordability have reflected the number of sufferers from this condition in recent years.

Men continue seeking for the best treatments switching from one method to the other until they finally can find one suiting most of all. Diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and hypertension make men more prone to the condition and the risk rises in older men.

Nowadays men get more informed about the possibilities of safe and effective treatments which they can comfortably apply at home. When getting acquainted to oral anti-impotence medicines men expect the affordability of these medicines as well. So, they study the market for the effective and cheap medicines for regular use.

Generic variants of the medicines approved by medical organizations and doctors boost the lost erectile function and bring men back to healthy sexual life.

Generic Viagra is one of the most sold medicines globally. Trusted by professionals and by men generic Viagra is a recipe for success.

Silagra is available at a price that makes it easy for the common man to afford the treatment. Generic Silagra 100mg contains the smart ingredient Sildenafil approved for use in men with erectile dysfunction.

It maintains the quality of the brand Viagra medicine and is produced under strict industry norms and standards. Generic Silagra replaces the brand medicine and is an alternative for millions of men who need the quality at reasonable price.

The alternative choice which Silagra represents has proved to be motivation for sufferers of ED who want to get a top quality medicine without any compromises.

Same effect, same ingredient, same administration, but different price.

Within the framework of erectile dysfunction drugs, the name of Silagra has become one of the most popular. It offers effective, safe and reasonably priced treatment.

Silagra suits the needs and requirements of every erectile dysfunction patient. This medication is invented as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

Silagra starts functioning in 30 -60 minutes with the effects lasting for 4 hours.

Active compound of Silagra Sildenafil citrate imparts the ability of getting significant rigidity of the penis during erections.

Silagra is available in the tablet form for oral intake. Preferable use of this medicine is without meals to avert malabsorption of the main component into the blood.

In recommended doses 50 or 100 mg the medicine works perfectly producing increase physical ability to perform sexually.

Common side effect of Silagra may be headaches, pain in the muscles, stomach problems.

Information of special significance:

Do not take Silagra if you are on nitrate medicines. Nitrates react with Silagra and may cause a great deterioration of general health state of an individual.

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