Major factors of ED. Consider your risks

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Many factors can affect the erectile wellbeing. The major risks occur in men older than 45-50 years of age. And it is not only the ageing factor, but the unhealthy life style and disorders which a man has already obtained.
The enormous factor of making the sexual life poor and uncomfortable for both partners is the lifestyle of unhealthy person. It includes smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating unhealthy foods and overeating, using other drugs, no physical activity.factors
To get an erection hard and rigid by its nature a man should have both physical and psychological stimulation. They are essential for erectile process. This particular process starts when the chemical substance cGMP in the penile region transmits the signals from the brain to the nerves within the penis. Obstacles of the way to normal erectile process occur when there is something wrong with physical or emotional wellbeing of a man.
The problem is called erectile dysfunction, but most commonly impotence. It affects smooth erectile process and results in no or poor erections.
edAs a way of treatment, more men choose life-long medicines like Viagra. This medicine can really help to stop the erectile difficulties and induce the normal functioning of the penile erections.
Normally men use the higher dose of Viagra -100 mg pills to produce the greater erections. Viagra 100 mg is a very effective method of impotence treatment. You may rely on its great results and be sure in its high quality.
Still do not think that taking a pill is enough. You should consider your lifestyle changes and risks to your health involved. Stop smoking and drinking too much, eat healthy foods and do sports regularly. It will increase the blood circulation, assists in normal work of the arteries in your body and helps general health.

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