ED linked to obesity

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Risk factors for erectile dysfunction are various. One of the risk factors is being overweight or obese.

According to the studies in men who are obese or overweight, obesity can cause erectile dysfunction and other related problems.

Obese people report a high frequency of difficulty with sexual performance including decreased sex drive, impotence and problems with getting orgasm.

In special studies of obese men with dangerously high and high Body Mass Index the link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and obesity is obvious. Men with normal weight are less prone to impotence and other sexual dysfunctions.

Approximately 4 out of 5 people who report symptoms of ED are obese or overweight and suffer from either diabetes or atherosclerosis at the same time.

Obesity is considered one of the major risk factors for erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual performance. Obesity produces lots of negative effects on sexual function.

Men dealing with obesity suffer from physical and emotional problems. Low self-esteem, anxiety, emotional distress and depression are very common among men with increased weight.

The relationship between obesity and erectile dysfunction is direct. Obesity impairs blood flow and thus prevents normal sexual function. Obesity affects the vascular system as a whole and blood vessels within the penis in particular.

The blood flow demanded for getting an erection and keeping it should be supported by normal function of vascular system. The health of circulatory system is seriously affected by atherosclerosis and diabetes which are common for obesity.

Obesity leads to atherosclerosis and blocks the arteries in the penile region.

When atherosclerosis decreases the blood flow and blocks the blood vessels, it seriously affects erectile function.

Being overweight can decrease the amount of male hormones. Low levels of male hormone testosterone can cause low libido or low level testosterone related problems.

Proper lifestyle help men live without ED. The fact is lifestyle modifications should be the first methods used for obese men with erection problems. Weight loss, increased physical activity and proper diet can improve general health, prevent dangerous health consequences.

Losing excess weight can produce great positive effects for general health and sexual health in particular. Eating healthy foods such as nuts, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and fish can protect against many diseases and conditions including ED.

Physical activity produces positive effect on erectile function, improves sexual response, and increases the levels of testosterone. Regular physical exercises significantly help reduce the risks of impotence in men.

Poor nutrition and inactive way of life can increase the risk for many disease and impotence. Men with obesity can benefit from regular physical workouts, proper dieting and avoiding other risk factors such as smoking and abuse of alcohol.

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